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What Will I Pay for a Roof Repair in Montgomery?

Montgomery is no stranger to tornados, hailstorms, and fierce winds. Our homes can take a beating with what nature tosses our way! Throw in some summer heat, and our roofs’ integrity can quickly decline. Turning to a trusted, reliable roofing contractor can help us through the complications and assist our roofs in lasting longer. 

IRoof offers the highest quality roofing service in Montgomery and the surrounding areas, specializing in residential and commercial projects. The average cost for a roof repair by IRoof is between $500 and $4,000, depending on the size and amount of the damage. 

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What are the signs your roof needs repair?

Natural Damage

This can be caused by fallen limbs, hail damage, or wind damage. From blowing off shingles to whipping debris against the lid of your home, forces of nature can damage your roof and leave it susceptible to future damage. We are here to help get your roof back into its best condition. 


When you notice spots of discoloration on your attic ceilings or attic walls, there could be a problem with water leaking through the roof. Many times, a patch job will take care of the situation, but it is best to have it inspected to know just how bad the damage is. The insulation should be viewed also and replaced if deteriorated.  

Missing Shingles

roof repair cost, missing shingle

Forceful winds and hail can create huge areas of damage. It is wise to have the roof thoroughly inspected for soft spots and extensive damage to the area. A trusted roofing contractor, such as IRoof, will inspect the area, and guide the process of either repairing or replacing


The materials that manufacturers use for roofs are made to last for decades. If your roof is fairly new, and minimal damage has occurred, then a roof repair is an excellent option. However, if the roof is showing its age in various places, a replacement may be the better option.  Unfortunately, to the untrained eye, you may not recognize the signs of aging until it’s too late. 

What steps are typically taken during a roof repair?

  • Inspection  – determine the areas of damage and the extent of those damages
  • Building permit – IRoof will know if a permit is needed, and how to get one
  • Home preparation – necessary steps to prepare the home and landscaping 
  • Actual roof repair
  • Clean up

As local residents of Montgomery, we understand the importance of keeping a solid, strong roof to withstand the sometimes volatile weather we experience. The expert roofing contractors at IRoof are ready to help with a wide variety of repair and restoration services to get your home back to a safe and watertight state. We will carefully assess every aspect of your roof visually and physically to ensure even the smallest damage doesn’t go unnoticed. 

We provide top-notch, quality service that gives you peace of mind. We are Alabama’s Most Advanced General Contractor.